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An administrator is automatically notified whenever any of the following services show a bad status.  If you are experiencing problems with a service that shows a good status, please open a support ticket.

Control PanelOffline
Help DeskOffline


Explanation of Services

Each service shown above performs a specific function related to your website.  If you notice a service showing a bad status above, use the following guide to find out what impact it has on your website:

Service Name Function Explanation
web (http) Web Server The HTTP service handles requests for web pages or any other file served through HTTP.  If this service is down you will most likely receive "connection refused" errors from your web browser when trying to to load your website.
mail (smtp) Sending and receiving mail The SMTP server receives mail sent to your email address and stores it until you retrieve it with an email client.  SMTP also handles email that is sent from the web server, usually through some type of formmail script or Webmail.  If the SMTP service is down for a long period of time mail sent to you may be returned to sender.
mail delivery (POP and IMAP) Delivers mail Once mail is received by the SMTP service it is stored locally on the server for you to read.  Most clients will retrieve their email and read it with an email package, using either POP3 or IMAP.  When POP or IMAP is down you will not be able to retrieve mail.  Mail will not be returned to sender.
FTP File transfer FTP allows you to transfer files to and from your website using client software.  If the FTP service is down you will be unable to connect with your FTP client or transfer files through the Control Panel.
MySQL Database MySQL is a database service used by most of our client's web applications, as well as our own.  The Control Panel, and the Help Desk both rely on this service.
Control Panel, Webmail Web apps These applications run under a separate web server process.  If that process is down you will be unable to connect to the application.